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A lot of us grew up trying to find Wally. If you were an 80's Child you'll know what we mean! Now you really can find him! Have Wally aka. Waldo if you are younger than us, turn up in a place that he can easily be spotted. People really love to find Wally!


It was every girls dream to be like Barbie. We have a life-size Barbie box that you can pose in and become your own version of the dream doll. Our Barbie has a few different costumes and is ready to surprise any of your friends whether they are Male or Female or she is ready to make a little girls dream come true. 


The Stig is a famous British motorsport character, well known for the hit television show Top-Gear.  Our Stig Character can arrive accompanied by a Formula One Grid Girl and is a great choice for a male surprise.


These two are hilariously naughty, they usually play Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum the well known characters from Alice in Wonderland, however we have other circus style or festive Christmas costumes available. 


Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from the little Mermaid or Cinderella. Let us know who is your favorite. Our beautiful princesses always look their finest and meet and greet your loved ones with a heartwarming smile. Each Princess has her own entrance song either from a professional singer or playback mode, please chose which you prefer from our prices. 


Of course we have a Marylin or two! What would we be if we didn't? This iconic character has always been the most famous of the singing telegrams especially for Birthday surprises. We have two options for you to chose from, Marylin singing her famous version of Happy Birthday or simply a look-a-like character to meet and greet. 


She's Hot! Best to check that your office building management won't have a heart attack first, if they might, then a visit to your party at home would be best!

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